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MGL stands for reliable and data-driven insights. Our objective is to develop and analyze reliable and valid data sources that will lead to decisive action. We help managers and leaders to make informed choices by using various data sources, research methods, instruments, techniques and related services.

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Data analytics

Data analytics is of high importance in many organizations nowadays. We will help transform data into knowledge, by helping to interpret results. We have extensive experience with large data sets. We can help code, merge, clean, and overall manage your quantitative data.
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MGL has extensive experience with doing (scientific) research. Main goal is to objectively collect data within a certain field, on which we can conclude and implicate findings. We can help with identifying the problem, designing (online) surveys, analyzing data, reporting and identifying solutions.

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Research Tools

By using the best statistical tools, we will be able to achieve greater understanding, improve decision making and solve practical problems. MGL has expertise in developing statistical tools, including amongst others web- based monitoring tools, online questionnaires and scientific tools.
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We offer different types of courses, including development of research methods, statistics (descriptive analyses, factor analyses, cluster analyses, multivariate analyses of variance) and courses focusing on analyzing and reporting of data (including scientific writing).


We have worked within academic settings, for government organizations and commercial organizations. Hereby an overview of some the projects we are working on/ worked on in the past;

Scientific panel: SONORO community

The SONORO project is a long-term scientific study on life in Curaçao. The goal is to develop good and smart ideas for the island in a co-operation between population and researchers. The SONORO project aims to contribute to the knowledge of SIDS (Small Island Developing States), and to improve the quality of life of the residents of Curaçao. For more information, visit the Sonoro website

Health: National Health Survey

The Institute for Public Health Curaçao (VIC) conducts research into health and healthcare and offers independent and scientifically based information for the development and evaluation of health policy in Curaçao. Together with other scientific researchers in Curaçao, we analyzed health data of the National Health Survey and also contributed to the development of the health data bank (


Together with other researchers, MGL has worked on different governmental project, including a baseline study of the urgency program in 2018. The urgency program is an action plan to examine in practice how poverty can be effectively reduced at neighborhood level. We conducted the baseline study of the urgency program in four different neighborhoods, including Barber, Buena Vista, Otrabanda and Montaña, Also, we worked on the development and implementation of the action program youth development. This action program is a vision for achieving positive youth development in Curaçao and identifies priorities for youth development.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Kansen voor Jongeren Cariben (Samenwerkende fondsen)

During the implementation of the four-year program Opportunities for Kansen voor Jongeren Cariben (KVJC), an external evaluation was carried out by different researchers including MGL. This evaluation concerned a monitoring study with the aim to gain insight into the progress of the different projects involved in the implementation of KVJC. Data was used and analyzed from a web-based Client Monitoring System (CVS)


The research-topics in which MGL in involved in under the heading of social research is very broad, including:
- Intellectual disability of people living in Curaçao
- Labor Market
- Determinants of voting behavior
- Public Transport

Who are we?

Dr. Merel Griffith – Lendering (1983), owner of MGL Research was born and raised on Curacao (Dutch Caribbean).
She obtained her Master’s degree in Health Psychology at the University of Leiden in 2007.

After graduating she started her PhD project at the Department of Clinical Child and Adolescence Studies, Leiden University. In 2013, she successfully defended her dissertation.

In 2010 she moved back to Curacao, where she commenced working as a researcher, project manager and lecturer. She works with different researchers and experts both in Curaçao and also from other islands/ countries.

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